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The only way to truly see the color & quality of a stone

Obviously, transparency is a key factor in business in general and in the diamonds business in particular.

In recent years, the Internet became a major tool for diamonds and jewelry marketing. For most stones on the web it became common to attach an image of the stone in order to give the potential customer the feeling as if he holds the diamond in his hand.

There are two ways to present the diamond. The first, the stone is lying down on its side, sometimes on a rotating table, the other is when the stone stands on its girdle and rotates 360 degrees.

It's no secret that among professional diamond dealers, the only way to check the quality is looking into the diamonds while looking directly through the stone from the front (table) and from the back (culet).

This is the only way to truly see the color and quality of a stone. To achieve that, the only image of a rotating stone on its girdle is relevant!

If someone presents you a stone lying on its side on a rotating table, most likely he has something to hide!

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