About us

Shirtal DiaCam ltd is proud to bring you the most efficient, easy, simple and professional tool

to boost your diamond sales!


Shirtal DiaCam ltd is a subsidiary company of Shirtal Diamonds ltd a well known company 

selling diamonds to leading retailers around the world for more than 35 years.


As a veteran business we are very proficient with the daily work processes and aware of the

difficulties and the complex process of selling diamonds especially when it comes to remote

customers abroad who cannot see the diamond with their own eyes and examine it in all directions.

Shirtal DiaCam ltd was established specifically to meet those needs, to bridge over the difficulties and to help you lower your shipping and insurance costs by showing your diamonds from every angle and increase your customers' confidence to buy.

We are absolutely certain that our knowledge and experience has provided us with the right tools to build the most efficient, simple, fast, professional and affordable machine to take your business to the next step of marketing diamonds online.

Shirtal DiaCam ltd