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10 Do's & Don'ts of Online Diamond Sales

  1. Photos are Critical

Attaching an image of a diamond on RapNet increases the chance of someone clicking on it by 66%.

  1. Details, Details, Detail

Describe your stone like you would to your coworker. Exaggeration hurts your credibility. Detailed information gives you 5x more clicks.

  1. Customer Reviews Matter

The better reviews you have, the more confidence you give future customers to chose you. Don't hesitate to ask customers to write a review about you.

  1. Know your Competition

Always search for the item your selling to see who your competing against.

  1. Be Quick and Available Respond fast On RapNet, email, telephone and skype

  1. Don't Ignore Social Media Marketing

RapNet is important, but not the only site on the web. Post your diamonds on your website, on Facebook, and on Instagram - find your buyers wherever they are.

  1. Don’t Make it Hard for your Customer to Buy your Product

Help them find the best way your diamond can reach them.

  1. Don’t Copy your Competitors

Be better than them. Look at them and think how you can present your diamonds in a more appealing way - like a 360 photo or redirecting them to your website.

  1. Google Remembers for a Long Time

Online companies use your stock and advertise it in prices sometimes lower than yours, making it hard for you to sell the diamond when your customer is searching for your diamond on Google. Find those companies and block them from seeing your stock.

  1. It's Never a One Time Sell

Every sell has the potential of building a beneficial relationship between you and your customer.

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