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Top 10 YouTube Marketing Tips

10 Tips for selling Diamonds through YouTube

YouTube is a powerhouse for promoting and selling Diamomds. Here are some important tips for selling your diamonds on the YouTube platform.

1. Connect

YouTube is the most linkable media to online retailers like Ebay.

2. On the go- Mobile Videos Reach More Market.

More than 70% of users watch videos from their tablet or cell phone. Build your message and images accordingly.

3. Video Descriptions

60% of shoppers reported that they would choose a dealer with a video product description over one without.

4. Be everywhere

Promote your products on your blogs and on other social media platforms. Connect your YouTube channel to them.

5. One Click Away- New YouTube Shoppable Ads

Promote your product and get it displayed on video. Majority of viewers used to click on the ads which can direct them to purchasing page with one click.

6. Keep it short.

To keep the attention of your audience, make sure your video is no longer than 4 minutes.

7. Customer Testimonials

Build trust and authority for your business by having customers comment below the video. Or even better- on it.

8. Demonstrate your Expertise

Within your video, be sure you are clear, concise, and show every angle of your product.

9. Be a Pro - Edit your Videos

Be sure that your videos look professional.

10. Know Your Audience

Know who you want to target and give them content that interests them rather than what you want to tell them.

The DiaCam360 can seamlessly upload your diamonds to YouTube. Click here to learn more.

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