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November 8, 2016

Obviously, transparency is a key factor in business in general and in the diamonds business in particular.

In recent years, the Internet became a major tool for diamonds and jewelry marketing. For most stones on the web it became common to attach an image of the stone...

May 4, 2016


10 Tips for selling Diamonds through YouTube


YouTube is a powerhouse for promoting and selling Diamomds. Here are some important tips for selling your diamonds on the YouTube platform.


1. Connect

YouTube is the most linkable media to online retailers like Ebay.


2. On t...

April 20, 2016






  1. Photos are Critical   

    Attaching an image of a diamond on RapNet increases the chance of someone clicking on it by 66%. 


  2. Details, Details, Detail   

    Describe your stone like you would to your coworker. Exaggeration hurts your credibility...


 A price tag of at least $20,000.- (with a staff of 2 people) for the privilege to exhibit in a show such as Hong Kong or JCK Vegas and up to $150,000.- for Basel Show, at a time of recession for the diamond industry, makes us rethink if participating in these intern...


     It's no secret that the diamond industry is facing the hardest of times. There were many contributing factors that lead us to this point but I feel that no one can single out the most important one. It wouldn’t be helpful to investigate this matter any further un...

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