The Most Popular 360° Photography System

THE ONLY Fully-automated, 360° imaging and marketing system in the world for white and fancy color loose diamonds, including rough and gemstones

DaCam360 scan
DaCam360 scan
DaCam360 scan
DaCam360 scan
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DiaCam360 Plus

2nd Generation Camera for Jewelry

Revolutionary, Fully-automated, 360° photography and marketing system for Jewelry, loose diamonds, rough and gemstones

DiaCam360 Plus
DiaCam360 Plus


Why DiaCam360 is so popular around the world?

 Here are some reasons:


  • An online 360° inventory page is instantly created

  • The stone is held on its girdle allowing to see the entire stone
    (opposite to showing the stone lying and hiding most of it)

  • It is truly the only fully automated system that exists:

    • No technical knowledge or photography skills required, allowing anyone in your office to operate DiaCam360.

    • No need to adjust the zoom or focus every time you scan.

    • Each scan is branded with your company details & logo plus featuring the diamond's 360° view, images & certificate.

    • Automatically upload scans to a cloud for easy sharing.

  • Create pair synced view of 2 stones in just one click.

  • Easy sharing on any B2B or B2C websites, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Ebay, YouTube or any other social platform.

  • No extra camera, lenses or other equipment needed.

See It For Yourself

Hoover & Strong

Shelly Katzir
Hoover & Strong

"DiaCam360 helps our auction buyers bid with confidence, by giving them the ability to inspect items from all angles, as if they are holding the diamonds in their hands.
The feedback we've received has been phenomenal, and it shows through in our increased sales!

DiaCam360 offers the best value for money, with its ease of use, quick scanning capability, extensive features and high quality imaging."

Gem Lab.jpg

Alex Dewaide
Gem Lab Services

"As service providers we were looking to provide customers access to 360 imaging. DiaCam360 ticked all requirements on our list, delivering quality, simplicity, reliability and an accessible interface.

More than this, DiaCam360 support and development teams showed innovation and an open mind. This promises exciting future of collaboration furthermore."

Leo Schachter.jpg

Elliot Tannenbaum
Leo Schachter

"We needed a turnkey solution to provide scans and videos of our stones to our customer and we found that in DiaCam360.
Very easy to use and has provided our customers what they want.

The DiaCam360 customer support is first class.

We are happy with DiaCam360 as our vendor of choice for stone images.”

LNT inc.jpg

Rick Fink
LNT inc.

“DiaCam360 has been a great benefit in helping reducing shipping costs by weeding out "non candidates" to improving & streamlining sales.

In fact, we have made numerous overseas sales with high confidence of avoiding any misunderstandings due to not accurately describing inclusions due to the magnification process, and easily putting the images, video on our clients laptop, ipad, phone or desktop.”