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580 Fifth Ave., Suite #826
NY 10036, New York


Sell Your Diamonds Faster

White Color

Fancy Colors

Pair Synced View

Gem Stones


The Most Popular Marketing System

Fully-automated, 360° imaging and marketing system for white and fancy color loose diamonds, including rough and gemstones

 Here are some reasons:


  • The stone is held on its girdle allowing to see the entire stone
    (opposite to showing the stone lying and hiding most of it)

  • It is truly the only fully automated system that exists:

    • No technical knowledge or photography skills required, allowing anyone in your office to operate DiaCam360.

    • No need to adjust the zoom or focus every time you scan.

    • Each scan is branded with your company details & logo plus featuring the diamond's 360° view, images & certificate.

    • Automatically upload scans to a cloud for easy sharing.

  • Create pair synced view of 2 stones in just one click.

  • Easy sharing on any B2B or B2C websites, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Ebay, YouTube or any other social platform.

  • No extra camera, lenses or other equipment needed.

See It For Yourself


We Love Our Clients

DiaCam360 is the most popular, fully-automated, 360° imaging & marketing system in the world with thousands of users and customers in 5 continents and in more than 40 countries


Our Clients Love Us

“DiaCam360 has been a great benefit in helping reducing shipping costs by weeding out "non candidates" to improving & streamlining sales.

In fact, we have made numerous overseas sales with high confidence of avoiding any misunderstandings due to not accurately describing inclusions due to the magnification process, and easily putting the images, video on our clients laptop, ipad, phone or desktop.

Rick Fink, LNT inc., USA


Photography Services

DiaCam360 operates 360° diamond photography centers around the world.

It's the easiest & fastest way to show your diamonds in an interactive 360° view.

Enjoy all the advantages the DiaCam360 has to offer. It is done immediately on the spot.


Head Office &
Photography Services

3 Jabotinsky St., Suite #1009
Israel Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan




Service Center &

Photography Services

580 5th Ave., Suite #826

New York, NY 10036, USA




Photography Services

Hoveniersstraat 50

 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium




Photography Services

A W 6252, Bharat Diamond Bourse

BKC, Mumbai 400051, India

Amit Mehta: +91 9820061971

Dhiren Mehta: +91 9820087439

Office: +91 2233923837


Sierra Leone

Photography Services

16 Percival St. 2nd Floor
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Jay Ros +1 253 363 3341
Ben Davies +232 33 570659

Office: +232 22 223 375


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